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Leading-edge treatments performed by the highest caliber physicians.

We created PTSD CARE to help the over eleven million Americans suffering from PTSD and provide them with a central location to connect with top physicians who offer leading edge procedures and treatments. We’re inspired by the results of these interventions not only for the patient, but also for those around them; their family, friends, and colleagues.

The treatments offered aren’t suited for everyone with PTSD. However, thousands have experienced life changing results, and lives have most certainly been saved, due to these interventions. They are fantastic treatment options, but also have a force multiplication effect. Those with a military background will recognize that phrase, but for the rest it means a tool that amplifies your effort to produce greater output and we use it because these leading-edge treatments have demonstrated they can enhance the results of traditional treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.

We find all of this extremely encouraging and look forward to helping you, or someone you know who suffers from PTSD.

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PTSD CARE helps change lives by connecting those in need with effective treatments performed by top rated physicians.

  • Nationwide Network – Most patients don’t need to travel a great distance to receive treatment

  • Excellent care – From physicians who are licensed, of course, but also fellowship trained and board-certified

  • Best of the best – We work with physicians who not only practice, but many also lecture, teach, and are involved in leading edge clinical research

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